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Masha is our Practice Manager at Systemic Dentist.

Masha is our Practice Manager at Systemic Dentist.

Practice Manager



Hello, I am Maria, also known as Masha; I am your practice manager at Systemic Dentist.

I have bachelor’s degrees in both Business Administration and in Accounting and a specialization in Supply Chain Management from Central Washington University.

Early in my career, I applied my skills and education in the beauty industry, from makeup artistry to beauty editing for local fashion magazines to writing my own beauty program, Beauty and helping people have always been my true passion. I am fascinated by all things that create true harmony and alignment in the mind, body, and spirit.

Dr. Panahpour’s mission and direction are deeply in alignment with what I’ve been studying and teaching all my life. Beauty comes from the inside out and teeth health play a huge role in your skin and your overall health.

I met Dr. Panahpour when I became his patient. I have had my acne prone skin for most of my adult life. As you can imagine, as a beauty and lifestyle editor and producer, I had tried every detox, diet, and juice fast on the market in hopes to heal my skin. While researching how the liver and kidneys detox the body, I began to question if there could be a connection between my acne prone skin and my amalgam fillings. I began a search for the best dentist in the world to remove the mercury from my amalgum fillings, and I found Dr. Panahpour am now on a new journey to healing with the best doctor in the world by my side.

I enjoy working with Dr. Panahpour because we get to transform lives! I love seeing physical transformations and hearing people’s stories.

My goal here at Systemic Dentist is to spread the word on the mouth to body connection and help spread the techniques and information Dr. Panahpour holds.

In my personal life, I am blessed to be a mother to two beautiful little girls who completely complete my being.

In my free time I love to sing and to make music. I also use my free time doing fun educational and bonding activities with my two beautiful daughters. When my babies are tucked away for the night, I spend my free time researching for



Front Office


I have always been interested in teeth and my smile because that is the first thing I look at when I meet someone new.  How well they take care of their teeth says a lot about what someone has been through.

I can relate to those who struggle with not knowing how to properly care for their oral health. When I was a child, I was separated from my mother and sister for a while, and a nanny taught me how to care for my teeth. She showed me the basics of brushing my teeth, but not how to do it properly.

In my career, I worked in the beauty industry, where a beautiful smile stands out more than hair or fashion. I worked my way up to managing appointments, schedules and the front office for a large group of therapists, aestheticians and employees.

I wanted to use my extensive administrative experience and skills at a place where I had room to continue to learn and grow; that’s what brought me to Systemic Dentist. 

From my first interview with Dr. Panahpour, I knew I wanted to work with him. His knowledge is incredible; every day I learn so much from him, and from our patients’ stories about how his treatments changed their lives.

Our practice is very different – Dr. Panahpour is not just a regular dentist. Holistic, biological dentistry is something I would recommend for everyone to learn about. Who would have thought that the health of your mouth is connected to the health of the rest of your body? Prior to working with Dr. Panahpour, I had no clue. Now it makes total sense to me.

When I’m not working at Systemic Dentist, you will find me hiking, spending quality time with my amazing daughter and family, watching movies and relaxing.

I look forward to meeting you!