December 2018 Specials:

Happy Holidays! During this season of giving, Systemic Dentist is offering 3 specials to our valued patients through Dec. 31.

  1. SAVE 25% off a 3D Scan.

  • Hidden Infection? Find Out With Our 3D Scan.

A 3-D Cone Beam scan is the answer to finding any hidden dental infection sites that may be a chronic drain on your immune system. Dr. Panahpour recommends a check of the sites of old root canals and anywhere a wisdom tooth has been removed.

Panoramic x-ray

25% off 3D Scan

Hidden Infection can be a source of health issues.

Many people with root canals and wisdom tooth extractions develop hidden oral infection that is a silent, constant drain on their immune system .


Hidden Dental Infection can be the Source of Health Issues.

You may be aware of the connection between oral health and heart health,*  but did you know about the connection between oral infection and many other chronic diseases, including many types of cancer?

* Read the story of our patient who recovered from heart disease after discovering and removing a silent infection hidden behind an old root canal.

*Read about the Breast Cancer / Gum Disease Connection.

*Read about the Infertility / Dental Connection.

NOTE: We accept referrals for Dental CT scans. Learn more about our low-radiation 3-D imaging technology

Dr. Panahpour was recently interviewed on NBC about about the oral systemic connection to health. In this interview he talks about sites of root canals and tooth extractions frequently harbor the same bacteria found in heart disease, breast cancer and other cancers. He recommends that patients with root canals or tooth extractions ask a biological dentist to scan for this type of infection in the jaw, and to monitor those areas as the patient gets older. 

2. Receive 50% off your next Dental Cleaning when you Refer-a-Friend.

You’ve never had a cleaning like we give at Systemic Dentist! Your cleaning is done by Dr. Panahpour himself — so you have more time with this master of systemic dentistry than you would have during a cleaning at any other practice.

3. 10% off your entire treatment plan, when you begin treatment in December.

If you have insurance benefits or pre-tax savings for medical treatment, don’t these benefits expire at the end of the year and go to waste! Use them now before you lose them, and get 10% off your entire treatment plan!


Dr. Panahpour is known worldwide as an expert in mercury-free, minimally-invasive dentistry and for healing chronic conditions via dental treatments that support systemic health. Learn more in his book, "The Good Dentist."