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Dr. Panahpour has made holistic and systemic dentistry the exclusive focus of his practice since 1992. His treatments and newsworthy discoveries have made headlines countless times since. Here is a small selection of the more recent news at his Seattle-area naturopathic practice.


Middle School Students Learn How Dental Hygiene May Help Prevent Disease


June 2017

The Systemic Dentist will be featured in the June 2017 issue of 425 Magazine for holistic dental hygienist Barbara Tritz and Dr. Panahpour's presentation for 7th grade health classes at Kirkland's Kamiakin Middle School.


The Root Canal / Breast Cancer Connection 

Victim of breast cancer finds some relief when treated with ozone therapy for root canal infection by Dr. Panahpour.

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Dentist Promotes Heart Health

 Tuesday, February 7, 2017

In celebration of American Heart Month, Bellevue holistic dentist Dr. Alireza Panahpour is offering free oral screenings for the bacteria associated with cardiovascular disease the first Tuesday of every month. The “Dental Culture for Healthy Hearts” screening is a convenient, no-cost test that inspires people to consider the status of their heart health at least as regularly as they get their teeth cleaned. For a complimentary Dental Culture for Healthy Hearts appointment, call 888-338-6336 or email info(at)systemicdentist(dot)com.

“For too many Americans, the first indication of heart disease is a heart attack,” said Dr. Panahpour, a leader and a frequent speaker for educators and professionals in holistic dentistry worldwide, and author of “The Good Dentist,” a book on holistic dentistry cases and discoveries. “Scientists agree that there is an unexplained association between gum disease and heart disease, and that the same bacteria and inflammation are present in both conditions.

This test is a convenient, no-cost way for dentists to inspire conversations that could motivate healthy lifestyle changes and potentially saves lives,” Panahpour said.