Nation's First Dental Screening for Heart Health

Free oral screenings for the bacteria associated with cardiovascular disease will be offered the first Tuesday of every month at Systemic Dentist.


The nation's first free oral screening for the bacteria associated with cardiovascular disease, “Dental Cultures for Healthy Hearts” is a convenient test that inspires patients and members of the community to consider the status of their heart health at least as regularly as they get their teeth cleaned. For a complimentary Dental Culture for Healthy Hearts appointment, call 888-338-6336 or email info(at)systemicdentist(dot)com.

“For too many Americans, the first indication of heart disease is a heart attack,” said Dr. Panahpour, a leader and a frequent speaker for educators and professionals in holistic dentistry worldwide, and author of “The Good Dentist,” a book on holistic dentistry cases and discoveries. “Scientists agree that there is an unexplained association between gum disease and heart disease, and that the same bacteria and inflammation are present in both conditions.

This test is a convenient, no-cost way for dentists to inspire conversations that could motivate healthy lifestyle changes and potentially saves lives,” Panahpour said.

Patients are treated to a front-row view of the dance-like gyrations of live bacteria of all shapes and sizes swabbed from their own teeth and gums, via a phase contrast microscope connected to a 24-inch monitor next to the dental chair. A hygienist compares the number of bacteria to charts that help to establish if the patient’s bacteria level is low, medium or high, and which types of bacteria are observed.

Everyone who takes the test is offered the opportunity to make a digital video displaying the live action of the bacteria in their mouth, and to take home educational materials about heart-healthy habits suggested by the American Heart Association. Those with high levels of oral bacteria will also be prompted to seek the advice of their ND or MD for more tests and information about their heart health. Dr. Panahpour already includes this free test with every hygiene appointment for his regular patients.

“The shock of seeing the live actions of the bacteria in their mouth combined with education about the undisputed association between gum disease and heart disease motivates some to consider heart-healthy habits,” Panahpour said. “An oral culture test during every hygiene appointment may be the most convenient and eye-opening way for Americans to consider their heart health regularly, but this is not intended as a replacement for regular medical check-ups and a lifestyle that promotes heart health.

We are pleased to be working together with the community, families and their health professionals to create convenient opportunities for all to consider better choices for their overall health and well being.”

Dr. Panahpour’s Dental Culture for Healthy Hearts screening is free, but an appointment is required. For a complimentary Dental Culture for Healthy Hearts appointment, call 888-338-6336 or email For more information go to

EDITOR’S NOTE: High-resolution photos, videos, and interviews with Dr. Panahpour and with patients viewing their own test results are available. Also, if your reporter would like to receive and report on his/her own Dental Culture for Healthy Heart screening, that can be arranged at your convenience. Dr. Panahpour will speak at Bastyr University Feb. 19. Call Barb Morgen at 206.429.4582 or email TheSystemicDentist(at)gmail(dot)com.

About Dr. Panahpour: Dr. Alireza Panahpour, DDS is a leader and a frequent speaker for educators and professionals in holistic dentistry and author of “The Good Dentist.” His practice in Bellevue, WA, uses cutting-edge technology, substances and treatments using biocompatible (non-toxic) restorative materials, eliminating infections, and promoting optimal teeth / jaw / head / neck structural relationships, with an emphasis on keeping natural teeth instead of replacing them. He offers mercury-free, oral-systemic and minimally-invasive services to all patients and he brings systemic dentistry to patients actively healing chronic conditions.

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