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Nutritional Counseling

For your best oral health!


Dr. Panahpour is  the first dentist in Seattle to offer Oral Nutritional Counseling. 

Cave Men Didn't Have Cavities  People in ancient civilizations did not have any cavities or dental problems, despite the fact that they never brushed their teeth! 

The first director of research for the American Dental Association, Weston A. Price, found that cultures of people who were hunter gatherers were free of tooth decay, had straighter teeth than those of us living in regular cities. The prime reason? According to his research, it was their diet. 

Eating a diet that is free of processed foods -- such as wheat, rice, vegetables and fruits with no preservatives or chemicals contained all the nutrients and vitamins that made teeth stronger and more resistant to cavities and other dental infections. 

Dr. Panahpour is an expert counselor for the diet recommended by Weston A. Price. Dr. Panahpour can recommend food sources in your neighborhood and help you to improve the health of your mouth, ( and the rest of your body. )