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Bellevue holistic dentist offers Nation’s First Free Dental Screening for Heart Health

The nation’s first free oral screening for the bacteria associated with cardiovascular disease is being offered the First Tuesday of every month by Seattle-area holistic dentist, Dr. Alireza Panahpour.

Microscope and Live Bacteria Monitor.jpg

Bellevue holistic Hygienist Teaches Middle School Students How Dental Hygiene May Help Prevent Disease for World Oral Health Day

The 7th grade students at Kamaikin Middle School may be shocked into improving their oral hygiene routines by a larger-than-life view of the bacteria living in their mouth. A Bellevue-area dental hygienist specializing in holistic dental health is teaching local youth how improving the health of their smile may also help prevent major diseases.


Coming soon: Dr. Panahpour invites you to a holistic dental summit

Want to learn more about systemic dentistry? Dr. Panahpour and the team at Systemic Dentist are hard at work organizing an event for everyone interested in learning more about the latest science and studies and how they can help us all lead the healthiest lives possible.