Meet the team.


Dr. Panahpour

Dentistry is part of my DNA; I come from 4 generations of dentists and oral surgeons.  I am a biological dentist -- also known as a systemic dentist, using holistic, natural, biomimetic materials, treatments and state-of-the-art technology with an integrative approach. I recognize the need for a broader scope in modern dentistry. 

I am considered a pioneer in mercury-free, systemic and minimally-invasive dentistry, and I am regularly asked to speak at holistic dental and systemic dental conferences and to naturopathic students worldwide.

I would be honored if you wanted to learn more about my experience and research in more than 25 years of practicing holistic, systemic dentistry documented in my 2016 book, "The Good Dentist." 

If you would like to have me speak to your group, please write to me here. If you would like to become a patient, contact me here.