Could you be healthier? Stronger? Holistic and Western medicine working together has been able to help people live healthier, stronger lives.  Learn how systemic dentistry integrates with other medical practitioners in the detection and treatment of heart disease, diabetes and even cancer. Dr. Panahpour and the team at Systemic Dentist are organizing an event for everyone interested in learning more about the latest science and studies and how they can help us all lead the healthiest lives possible.


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As a biological, systemic dental practice, we often work together in teams of like minded practitioners from other science-based medical disciplines, and we refer our patients to other practitioners that we trust for continuing treatment.

Our list of practitioners who we feel comfortable referring our patients to when they need treatment outside the boundaries of biological, systemic dentistry is not enough to support our growing patient base.

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If you are a medical or holistic practitioner who would like to integrate with a systemic biological dentist for the best health and healing of your patients, please fill out this form today. 

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