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As a biological, systemic dental practice, we often work together in teams of like minded practitioners from other science-based medical disciplines, and we refer our patients to other practitioners that we trust for continuing treatment.

Our list of practitioners who we feel comfortable referring our patients to when they need treatment outside the boundaries of biological, systemic dentistry is not enough to support our growing patient base.


7 reasons to join:

  1. Networking – Network members are able to connect with other members and renowned speakers in a variety of ways, such as monthly presentations and one-on-one relationships with peers in the community.

  2. Community Connections –Members get plugged into the local community through community events, such as Bastyr community education and local luncheons. Involved members become well-known with community leaders by working in teams with other professionals and attending local health events.

  3. Learning Opportunities – Ranging from informal learning groups to full-scale full-day conferences, Dr. Panahpours has community-specific educational opportunities that appeal to the needs of community practitioners.

  4. Statewide connections – Although the state is pretty big, the practitioners connect quite regularly with each other to share patient's well being and the next steps to taking care of the patient. All members of our network benefit from these leveraged connections!

  5. Nationwide connections – Dr.Panahpour works with practitioners and patients from all over the world. 70% of his patients fly-in for the best possible care available in the United States,

  6. Increased engagement –The more involved you are in your profession and community, the more engaged you become in the workplace. This gives your patients comfort that they have an expert team working for them. This also increases referrals to your office by other practitioners

  7. Relationships – Of COURSE our members connect with other practitioners as resources on a professional level. But you’ll create relationships that go beyond that….you’ll make friendships that can last a lifetime!

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