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Natural Dentistry

Systemic Dentist specializes in saving teeth and tooth structure with early detection and minimally-invasive treatment when necessary, including alternatives to root canals.

State-of-the-art CT Scan technology is used for accuracy and precision in diagnostic evaluation, with less stress for patients. We teach personal, customized holistic dental hygiene regimens, and we use the highest-tech tools and treatments including no-drill ozone therapy, air abrasion, PRP/PRF, TMJ dental deprogrammers & myofunctional therapy.


Holistic Cosmetic Dentistry

We offer cosmetic dental treatments using 100% mercury-free, metal-free, non-GMO, biomimetic and aesthetically beautiful materials such as Kevlar fillings,  holistic dental veneers and metal-free zirconia dental implants for cosmetic dental restoration, to optimize the power of your personal presentation and your health. 


World-Class Oral Surgery 

Dr. Panahpour is known worldwide for his expertise in elimination of chronic focal infections with safe wisdom tooth removal, removal of cavitations and faulty root canals when doing so can support immune system strength and healing., and SMART Mercury Amalgam removal using the Higgins Protocol.

Systemic Dentist sets a new standard for dentistry that is completely integrated with each patient's healthcare provider team. Oral surgery treatment options include IV Sedation and homeopathic IV Immunity Support.





 Dr. Panahpour is a gifted speaker with a passion for teaching. If your group, classroom or practice would benefit from a presentation about the whole-body-health/dentistry connection, press this button.


The Most Experienced mercury-free, biological Dentist in North America.


Dr. Panahpour is a certified instructor in biomimetic dentistry.  If you are a dental professional who would like personalized 1:1 instruction at your practice location, let us know here: