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Interview on Conscious Talk Radio

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"In Dr. Alireza Panahpour's, DDS. own words: My approach to oral health is centered on the dental-body connection. It means, what happens in your mouth directly affects what happens in the rest of your body. Dental health relies just as much on the fork as it does on the toothbrush. You are what you eat, and by that logic, your teeth are lacking what you're not eating. In my practice, we emphasize a diet that is tooth-friendly which I will define. I will also talk about the health hazards of Mercury fillings which can be at the very least painful and at worst fatal.

I specialize in the safe, effective removal of mercury fillings and the replacement of them with biocompatible fillings using biomimetic techniques. Finally, learn about hidden jaw infections from improperly removed teeth and root canals which left untreated can cause chronic infections in the body. 

As one of the only certified oral systemic and biological dentists in Los Angeles and Seattle using minimally invasive standards of practice and biomimetic dental materials, I recognize the need for a broader scope of modern dentistry. Specializing in safe mercury filling removal, surgical repair of cavitational osteonecrosis in the jaw, proper tooth extraction, and no-drilling ozone and air abrasion, I use minimally invasive methods to help patients practice "preventative dentistry" to avoid future complications altogether. I often work in teams with medical doctors to provide treatments for chronically ill patients." 

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