FREE: "Dental Cultures for Healthy Hearts" screening #HEARTHEALTHY

Join us for a free monthly oral screening for the bacteria associated with both gum disease and cardiovascular disease at our free monthly Dental Cultures for Healthy Hearts events!

“Scientists agree - the same bacteria is present in both gum disease and heart disease. By showing patients a larger-than-life view of the living bacteria present in their mouth, and sharing information about the association between gum disease and heart disease, our hope is to inspire questions about heart health as often as one would ordinarily get their teeth cleaned.  That kind of change could motivate healthy lifestyle changes and potentially saves lives.”

- -Dr. Alireza Panahpour, DDS

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A phase contrast microscope with a 24-inch monitor next to the dental chair provides a live-action reality show starring the bacteria swabbed from dental plaque under the gum line of each patient’s mouth. Spirochetes, rods, and white blood cells are present when there’s infection; the more infection, the more bacteria the patient will see. This unusual, larger-than-life view can be both intriguing and cringe-worthy to patients who have never before seen the microscopic entities living on their teeth and gums. Patients are offered the opportunity to make a digital video of their living oral bacteria from the dental chair.

A hygienist compares the bacteria viewed on the screen to charts that help establish if the patient’s bacteria colony size and which types of bacteria are observed. All patients tested will be offered educational materials about the unexplained association between gum disease and heart disease as well as materials on heart-healthy habits suggested by the American Heart Association.

Those patients with high levels of oral bacteria will also be prompted to seek the advice of their ND or MD for more tests and information about their heart health. Although this is the first free community screening for the oral bacteria associated with heart disease, Dr. Panahpour already includes this free test with every hygiene appointment for his regular patients. 

“An oral bacteria culture test during every hygiene appointment may be the most convenient way for Americans to consider their heart health on a more regular basis, but this is not intended as a replacement for regular medical check-ups and a lifestyle that promotes heart health,” said Dr. Panahpour. “We are pleased to be working together with the community, families and their health professionals to create convenient opportunities for all to consider better choices for their overall health and well being.”  


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7:30pm 7:30pm

Bellevue Holistic Dentist Dr. Panahpour speaks at HDA Conference

Bellevue, WA holistic dentist Dr. Panahpour will be a guest speaker at one of the largest meetings of holistic dentists worldwide, the Holistic Dental Association's 40th Annual Symposium. His topic this year will be “Dental Epigenetics--A New Frontier.” 

Epigenetics is the study of heritable changes in gene function that occur without a change in the DNA sequence. Epigenetic mechanisms such as DNA methylation, histone acetylation, and RNA interference, and their effects in gene activation and inactivation, are increasingly understood to be more than "bit players" in phenotype transmission and development.

Dr. Alireza Panahpour DDS is a pioneer in holistic dentistry, known for healing chronic conditions via removal of metal fillings and non-invasive dental treatments that are integral to systemic health. He is a frequent speaker for dental educators and professionals worldwide and author of “The Good Dentist.”

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International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology Symposium 2016
7:00pm 7:00pm

International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology Symposium 2016

Biological Dentistry is not a separate, recognized, specialty of dentistry, but it is a thought process and an attitude that can apply to all facets of dental practice and to health care in general: to always seek the safest, least toxic way to accomplish the goals of modern dentistry and of contemporary healthcare.

“We are a trusted academy of allied professionals providing scientific resources to support new levels of integrity and safety in healthcare.”

The IAOMT is an accredited member of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)’s Global Mercury Partnership. IAOMT members have also been expert witnesses before Congress, FDA, state legislatures, Health Canada, and other government bodies. We support the effort to inform consumers about health risks from amalgam mercury and water fluoridation, and we support efforts toward eliminating these risks. We have testified before regulatory agencies about the environmental effects of dental mercury in wastewater, and we support regulations to separate mercury from the waste stream of dental offices.

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2:30pm 2:30pm


Press information from Conscious Talk Radio: 

"In Dr. Alireza Panahpour's, DDS. own words: My approach to oral health is centered on the dental-body connection. It means, what happens in your mouth directly affects what happens in the rest of your body. Dental health relies just as much on the fork as it does on the toothbrush. You are what you eat, and by that logic, your teeth are lacking what you're not eating. In my practice, we emphasize a diet that is tooth-friendly which I will define. I will also talk about the health hazards of Mercury fillings which can be at the very least painful and at worst fatal.

I specialize in the safe, effective removal of mercury fillings and the replacement of them with biocompatible fillings using biomimetic techniques. Finally, learn about hidden jaw infections from improperly removed teeth and root canals which left untreated can cause chronic infections in the body. 

As one of the only certified oral systemic and biological dentists in Los Angeles and Seattle using minimally invasive standards of practice and biomimetic dental materials, I recognize the need for a broader scope of modern dentistry. Specializing in safe mercury filling removal, surgical repair of cavitational osteonecrosis in the jaw, proper tooth extraction, and no-drilling ozone and air abrasion, I use minimally invasive methods to help patients practice "preventative dentistry" to avoid future complications altogether. I often work in teams with medical doctors to provide treatments for chronically ill patients." 

This event was hosted by VitaminLife.com

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