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Dr. Panahpour is Featured Master on 11 Episodes of The Aware Show

Dr. Panahpour is Featured Master on 11 Episodes of The Aware Show

Dr. Panahpour is a Featured Master on The Aware Show.

Looking For A Holistic Dentist In Bellevue?

Are you a health-conscious person who would rather avoid radiation, chemicals and metals commonly used for treatment at a conventional dental practice? 

There’s a holistic dentist in Bellevue, treating patients across the Seattle area and around the world, who is consciously using only metal-free materials, treatments and technology that supports your best health and well-being, as well as the health of the environment. He is Dr. Alireza Panahpour, the Systemic Dentist.

At Systemic Dentist is conscious and aware of signs that show up in your teeth, gums and mouth that may actually be symptoms of potential health issues developing or ongoing in the rest of the body. Systemic Dentist is interested in the health and healing of the whole body in addition to taking care of the appearance of teeth and oral health.

Systemic Dentist offers alternative treatments for wellness, and uses only the most bio-compatible materials available are used to lessen unhealthy toxins that may negatively affect your system. To avoid the possibility of toxicity, our practice uses only mercury free, BPA free, fluoride free and metal-free materials, and invests in the latest technology and even decor and furniture that minimize environmental radiation. Prior to being treated, Dr. Panahpour may consult with nutritionists and naturopathic doctors about your case; making sure your individual recommendations are well matched to your physiological and personal health status.

Dr. Panahpour is a leading dentist in Bellevue and Seattle. He embraces the treatment of oral conditions supportive of the health of your entire body, including TMJ and periodontal treatments, adhering to natural philosophies. Some of these treatments include:

Craniosacral therapy
Myofunctional Therapy

Dr. Panahpour is a global expert in safe mercury removal. Mercury is the second most toxic element on Earth, after Plutonium.  If inhaled or swallowed, mercury can affect your central nervous system and can negatively impact your overall health. 

For a diagnostic evaluation, call 888-338-6336, or contact Systemic Dentist here.

I am a biological dentist — also known as a systemic dentist, using holistic, natural materials and treatments and state-of-the-art technology with an integrative approach.
— Dr. Alireza Panahpour

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