A Connection Between Wisdom Tooth Extraction and Infertility?

Could there be a connection between getting a wisdom tooth extracted and a problem with miscarriages?

Read this patient case story from the new 2nd edition of Dr. Panahpour's book, "The Good Dentist," which has been recently published in the Health Freedom News.  "The Infertility Dental Connection" tells the story of a young woman who had multiple miscarriages and unable to determine the cause, her physician referred her to Seattle biological dentist Dr. Panahpour. 

After cavitation surgery, lab reports proved the same bacteria associated with cervical cancer was thriving in her jaw, painlessly embedded deep beneath old wisdom tooth extractions.

Many dentists are simply not trained in removal of all bacteria during wisdom tooth extraction. The site of the old tooth heals over, but chips from the old tooth or bacteria from a tooth that had periodontal issues can remain and thrive undetected by a regular dentist’s 2D ex ray exam. 

The human jawbone is connected to 4 out of the 7 lymphatic systems responsible for normal flow of blood and energy throughout the body. When wisdom teeth are not properly extracted, is is possible that this type of infection can grow undetected?

After Dr. Panahpour's cavitation surgery, the woman was able to conceive and bring her first baby to term. The patient called Dr. Panahpour and thanked him, crediting his work with her family's win in their battle against infertility. 


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The Infertility / Dental Connection is in the Spring 2018 issue of Health Freedom News

Dr. Panahpour's Take: Many people with root canals and wisdom tooth extractions develop hidden oral infection that is a silent, constant drain on their immune system.

If you have root canals or wisdom teeth that have been extracted, ask a trained biological dentist to take a 3D scan to check for potential infection draining your immune system, and monitor those sites regularly for any changes.  


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