Dr Oz: "Should You Get Your Mercury Fillings Removed?"

What's the problem with Mercury Amalgam?

Dr. Oz gave a simple explanation of the problem with mercury amalgam on his popular television show In March 2013, a few months after the Minamata Convention Treaty was signed.

Dr. Oz speaks with experts who like Dr. Panahpour, are surprised that one of the most toxic substances on earth is still used in some dental practices. Dr. Oz brushes mercury amalgam fillings with a toothbrush for 60 seconds. Everyone watching could see that just normal brushing released more mercury vapor than is deemed safe by the EPA.  Watch the Dr. Oz episodes discussing this by clicking here

Should I have my Mercury Fillings Taken Out? 

From the Dr. Oz episode: (quotes from discussion in this episode; watch the episode, below)

Absolutely not. What everyone should know is that taking the fillings out also exposes you to the highest level of mercury vapor. However, It's all about the conversation you're going to have with your dentist.  Patients with some specific conditions (below) may want to talk to a dentist. 
If your restorations are old, there is potential decay underneath, if there are weakening margins, if you grind your teeth, if you have 8 or more mercury fillings, or if there's structurally something wrong with your fillings, it can increase the amount of vapor being emitted by mercury fillings; then there's a rationale to discuss this with your dentist.


Systemic Dentist recommends that if you have concerns and are thinking about this procedure, because of the danger associated with exposure to mercury vapor, consult only a biological dentist specifically trained in safe, SMART mercury removal and the Higgins Protocol for mercury removal. 

You can schedule a free phone consultation online to answer all of your questions here.

In celebration of 28 countries' decision to protect children and pregnant/nursing moms from mercury amalgam,, Systemic Dentist is offering 15% off for patients who schedule mercury amalgam removal in March 2018.
Read about the 28 countries that have banned mercury amalgam for children and pregnant/nursing mothers here. 

From the European Union: 

Mercury and most of its compounds are highly toxic to humans and the environment. Large amounts can be fatal, and even relatively low doses can have serious health effects, affecting the nervous system in particular.