People with gum disease are twice as likely to have heart disease.

Researchers have found that people with periodontal disease are almost twice as likely to have heart disease.

Scientists agree; there is a link between heart disease and gum disease; the same bacteria are present in both.

Given the link between these two systemic diseases, if dentists became a key assessor of not just oral health, but also heart health, can we help to save the 800,000 Americans who die from cardiovascular disease annually?

The first step is helping everyone to understand how these chronic diseases may be related.

  "It is firmly established that a link exists between periodontal disease and heart disease." --   Dentistry IQ  

"It is firmly established that a link exists between periodontal disease and heart disease." -- Dentistry IQ 

According to new studies, when there is chronic infection anywhere in the body, it causes inflamation, and it can become a burden on the patient's immune system. When our immune systems are burdened, it makes them less effective at fighting off other diseases.

Although it may seem strange that cardiovascular disease may be related to an infection that you can't see or feel and that your general dentist isn't trained to look for in your jaw, it is not surprising to those who have studied the research that has established an indisputable link between heart disease and gum disease

The relationship between gum disease and heart disease is a fact. It's not yet proven if curing gum disease could potentially have a positive effect on heart disease; however, there are case stories that suggest it. Read our patient's story about recovery from heart disease via dental work, here:

"As a dentist, I can help educate patients about the oral-systemic connection by making the public aware of what science has proven to us -- that there is a connection between heart disease and gum disease," said Dr. Panahpour. "Heart disease is the #1 killer in America; it is almost never diagnosed quickly enough. If I can help save even one life with education on the status of their oral health and the scientifically proven oral-systemic connection, and that inspires patients to ask more questions and get serious about taking the proven steps to prevent heart disease, it is worth my time. If we inspire more dentists and dental practices to do this kind of screening and inspire questions about heart health as often as we get our teeth cleaned, all the better."  

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