Systemic Dentist is Featured in June Issue Of 425 Magazine

Systemic Dentist has been featured in the June 2017 issue of 425 Magazine for giving free oral hygiene presentations to local high schools and junior high schools. Read the story here:  

Dr. Panahpour and RDH Barbara Tritz offer free presentations such as this to schools who request them (email us at if your school would like a presentation).

Barbara and Dr. Panahpour are passionate about educating the world about how taking care of your oral health can help lead to better overall wellness and even a longer, healthier life. Barbara uses a phase contrast microscope in every dental hygiene appointment, showing patients the live bacteria in their mouth on the big screen next to their dental chair.

The sight of the same bacteria found in both gum and heart disease is enough to make most patients of all ages commit to taking better care of their oral hygiene - and sometimes even taking better care of themselves overall. 

But Barbara and Dr. Panahpour also want adults to understand the bigger story behind these tests, which can often be revealing about a person's overall health. That's why we offer our Dental Screening for Healthy Hearts test free to the  public - just sign up for an appointment -- the 4th Tuesday of every month. 

Barbara shared a story with me recently about one of her patients who came in for a regular hygiene appointment, and took the Dental Screening for Healthy Hearts test, showing them the bacteria in their mouth on the big screen. That particular patient had an extremely high number of the same bacteria known to be present in heart disease and other serious systemic health issues. Barbara pointed this out to her patient and suggested that they ask their MD for tests for several of these diseases.  It turned out that that patient had leukemia, and didn't know it yet. The patient's MD was amazed that a dental hygienist would have been the one to alert the patient to a potential issue and suggest they check into this; the patient credits Barbara with helping to save her life. 

Come on in and learn more about how healthy your mouth is, and how to keep it that way by calling us and setting an appointment with Barbara today!