European Union Bans Mercury In Amalgam Fillings For Children And Pregnant Or Nursing Mothers

The European Union (EU) has voted to ban the use of mercury in dental amalgam for children under 15 and for mothers who are pregnant or nursing beginning July 1, 2018. Read the EU official fact sheet on this new law, here.

The following changes are mandated under this new European Union regulation:

  • Amalgam use in children under age 15 will be banned on 1 July 2018.

  • Amalgam use in pregnant women will be banned on 1 July 2018.

  • Amalgam use in breastfeeding mothers will be banned on 1 July 2018.

  • Each country in the European Union is required to develop a national plan by 1 July 2019, laying out how it will reduce its amalgam use.

  • The European Commission will have to report by June 2020 to the European Parliament and to the Council on the feasibility of ending dental amalgam use by 2030.


Why is mercury a problem?

Mercury and most of its compounds are highly toxic to humans and the environment. Large amounts can be fatal, and even relatively low doses can have serious health effects, affecting the nervous system in particular. 

The European Union countries join Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Germany which have already banned or restricted use of mercury in dental fillings.

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Dr. Panahpour's take: 

As I have been practicing mercury-free dentistry and assisting patients with the safe removal of mercury amalgam for 25 years -- my entire dental career. Mercury in its natural state is a neurotoxin; and one of the most toxic elements on our planet.

I have more experience in safe removal of mercury from patients teeth than potentially any dentist in North America, and more experience in performing this treatment safely and reliably than almost all dentists worldwide.

You can imagine that my comment on this news is surprise that it has taken this long.

This is a good day on my lifelong journey of helping people to live stronger, healthier lives. I invite you to read more about my philosophy on metal-free dentistry and about several patient stories of what happened to them when we removed mercury amalgam fillings from their mouth in my book, "The Good Dentist."

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