Breast Cancer Patients Offered Free Dental Screening

NDs and MDs regularly refer patients fighting chronic and life-threatening diseases, including breast cancer, to Dr. Panahpour. His elite training and experience as a biological dentist, combined with the highest-level technology available at any dental practice make him their choice to detect dental factors that could be contributing to the disease, and to remove any burdens on the body's immune system.

Female Breast Anatomy

A new study that found that women with gum disease are 14% more likely to develop cancer, including breast cancer.


Systemic Dentist is one of the rare Seattle-area holistic dental practices equipped with 3-d Cone Beam Scan technology, which offers a 3 dimensional view of bone and soft tissue, coupled with the training and experience to use it to be able to detect infection in the teeth and jaw that can easily be missed during a regular 2-D X-ray and dental exam.

Several inspiring case stories of breast cancer patients who experienced improvement after having hidden jaw and dental infections removed can be found in Dr. Panahpour's book, "The Good Dentist."

"Many women are not aware that they have infection in their mouth carrying the same bacteria as gum disease because it deep inside of old root canals or tooth extraction sites, where the nerve of the tooth has been removed, it doesn't hurt, so they can't feel it or see it, and their regular dentist can't always see this infection with a regular 2-D ex ray," said Dr. Panahpour.

A new study that found that women with gum disease are 14% more likely to develop cancer, including breast cancer, makes screening for this type of infection something that could be important for those who have root canals or wisdom teeth that have been removed in their oral history.

OUR GIFT TO Breast cancer patients 

Anyone who has been diagnosed with breast cancer can call for an appointment at Systemic Dentist in October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, at 888-338-6336 or email The 3D Cone Beam Scan and evaluation will be offered at half price for those who are not breast cancer patients, but are inspired by studies linking gum disease to breast cancer to want to become better informed about any possible hidden gum disease in their mouth.

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