A Link Between Breast Cancer and Your Teeth?

Dr. Panahpour is a featured guest on King5 News (NBC Seattle) with Amity Addrisi (@AmityAddrisiK5) and Jake Wittenberg (@jwhittenbergK5) on Oct. 9, 2017 Dr. Panahpour is informing the public about research that is opening our eyes to the scientifically proven link between gum disease and breast cancer.

Women with gum disease are 14 times more likely to develop breast cancer 

A recent study published in the New York Times and media outlets around the world has found that women with gum disease are 14% more likely to develop breast cancer. Researchers found the same bacteria present in gum disease is also present in cancer cells. This finding prompted the study that determined there is an increased risk of breast cancer for women with gum disease. For more information, see our post "Gum Disease Tied to Breast Cancer Risk"

Root canals can become a chronic burden on your immune system

In the King5 interview, Dr. Panahpour explains that root canals tend to harbor the bacteria found in gum disease. Root canals can become a chronic burden on your immune system.

If you have several root canals, his advice is to find out what's causing your root canals, and also to check/keep an eye on them, looking for signs of infection. Root canals can become a chronic burden on your immune system.

"The last thing you want is something that burdens your immune system on a chronic, constant basis."

"Our immune system is dealing with over 33,000 different types of cancer cells.

Root canals tend to harbor the same bacteria found in biofilm - the cause of gum disease. Because of this, root canals can become the source of a chronic burden on your immune system."                                             

How to keep an eye on your root canals

Dr. Panahpour offers a unique highly-accurate screening for the infection associated with gum disease and breast cancer hidden in root canals. 

He uses state-of-the-art technology in the form of a 3-D Cone Beam Scan rarely found at ordinary dental practices. He had elite training in expert evaluation of these scans that detects oral infection that will ordinarily be missed during a (2-D) ex-ray and dental exam at a regular dental practice.The goal of Dr. Panahpour's high-tech scan is to detect any hidden chronic burdens on the body's immune system, that may hinder the body's ability to fight cancer and other diseases.

A gift for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

 Systemic Dentist is offering this high-tech gum disease screening FREE to anyone diagnosed with breast cancer, in observation of National Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Everyone without breast cancer is invited to schedule this test at 50% off the regular price in recognition of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Read more about how Dr. Panahpour uses the 3-D Cone Beam dental scans for hidden infection + thermography in his article "The Breast Cancer Root Canal Connection."