In the world of dentistry, I’m the equivalent of a tech geek. I use the most advanced tools and techniques to ensure that every dental procedure is minimally invasive, mercury-free and beneficial to your overall wellbeing. Read more about my story here→


The Approach

Good dentistry is an integral part of medicine because your mouth is an integral part of your body. Why exclude the mouth from medical care? Why separate insurance plans for body and mouth? Systemic dentistry needs to be integrated with medical treatment. Doing so can make a tremendous impact on the success of a patient’s overall treatment plan. Read more about this in The Good Dentist


“Save your teeth. Save your health.”

— Alireza Panahpour, Excerpt from The Good Dentist


Camilla Griggers of The Healist interviews Genevieve and Alejandro on getting mercury fillings removed safely. Alejandro and Genevieve Talk about Safe Mercury Filling Removal With Dr. Camilla Griggers of The Healist. They discuss their decision to remove the mercury amalgam fillings, how their fillings were removed safely and why they chose Dr. Panahpour as their family dentist.

Our Conscious Mission

We strive to align our dentistry with what is best for clients mouth and body, what is best for the planet, and what is always the conscious choice. Are you ready to be apart of the evolution of the planet with us?

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Get Informed

We don't have any patients. We have the smartest, the most conscious, and the most healthy patients you will ever meet. When a patient that comes into my office and asks a bunch of questions about how they can become the healthiest person ever, I know they are in the right place. 

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