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Diagnostic Evaluation

Dr. Panahpour has more experience in systemic dental diagnosis than any biological dentist in Seattle or North America. Elite training and experience + state-of-the-art technology + the power of one of the most extensive diagnostic labs in the country leads to extensive + accurate evaluations.

Holistic Dental Hygiene

Organic, non-GMO materials and dental hygiene treatments, microscopic imaging for instant detection and precise measurement of the dental bacteria present in both gum disease and heart disease, and expert-level education on how to care for your teeth from our holistic and biological dental hygiene team.

Root Canal Alternatives

Save your teeth with root canal alternatives. Prevent and eliminate chronic infections with safe root canal removal. This can be the difference between a long and healthy life, and a silent infection that burdens your body's immune system.



Sleep Better

Suffering from frequent headaches, or daytime sleepiness? Does your partner complain that you snore? We offer solutions for sleep apnea and TMJ leading to a better night’s sleep that may permanently improve your quality of life.


 Sleep Better  Holistic cosmetic dental procedures such as zirconia dental implants, kevlar fillings, biomimetic dental veneers and more. Optimize the power of your presentation and your health. 

Holistic Cosmetic Dental Treatments & Restoration

Biomimetic and aesthetically beautiful holistic dental veneers optimize the power of your presentation + your health. 


Metal-Free Fillings 

Enjoy a metal-free, toxin-free smile. Kevlar fillings using the groundbreaking ribbond technique and ozone therapy to eliminate bacteria is a healthier, biomimetic way to save and restore teeth with decay.                                 


Mercury Amalgam Removal

Dr. Panahpour has more experience in the safe, effective removal of mercury fillings and in the placement of biocompatible mercury-free fillings using biomimetic techniques than any dentist in North America.



Improper wisdom tooth extractions can become a silent, chronic burden for the body's immune system. We use state-of-the-art techniques and best-of-breed technology to detect & remove infection, assuring you of the healing you need.


 Holistic Dental Implants

Considering metal-free zirconia dental implants? Dr. Panahpour has 28 years of experience in placing metal-free dental implants. The experience of your holistic dental professional makes the difference in placing metal-free implants that last.

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Dr. Panahpour is one of the most sought-after experts in mercury removal and cavitation worldwide; he has integrated with some of the most respected medical professionals in a dozen countries. Our curated referral network includes respected practitioners across multiple disciplines who share our passion for excellence in healing and health care. including MDs, NDs, chiropractors, nutritionists and more.  


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Discover the power of the mouth-body connection, and the difference in choosing the most experienced holistic, integrative biological dentist in greater Seattle, and across North America.