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"The well-being of your mouth is integrally connected to the well-being of your whole body. Many chronic diseases are connected to chronic issues in the mouth such as heavy metal toxicity, TMJ misalignment, chronically infected wisdom teeth or root canals, and gum disease. As a systemic dentist, my job is to see the whole picture."


There is a Chinese proverb that goes like this: “A smile will gain you ten more years of life.” These words were written countless centuries ago, yet today they ring more true than ever. The links between oral health and overall health are becoming more clear with new research and the implications are astounding! Imagine if by having regularly scheduled cleanings with nutrient IV support, you were able to prevent a heart attack… >>


Every year thousands of people visit their physicians with complaints ranging from depression to fatigue to unexplained pain or simply “not feeling good”. Tests are run, medications are prescribed but often they fail to get better. As they are shuffled from one specialist to another, it can begin to feel hopeless. Unfortunately, this scenario is playing out with more frequency than necessary due to one major offender: the silver mercury amalgam filling.>>


In previous years I have been harassed by a shady organization named Quackwatch run by a psychiatrist who never passed his certification exam and a lawyer with a long track record of malicious litigation against alternative practitioners. All cases brought against me were dismissed or I won by jury vote and in my last case, I was awarded damages. >>


Dr Alireza Panahpour DDS provides minimally invasive oral systemic dentistry in Los Angeles & Seattle. Don't like drilling? Neither do we. Check out no-drilling ozone therapy for cavities.